Higher Education Bursary Guidelines 2017

Registered Charity No 239072

The Scheme

The Consolidated Charity is making available a sum of money that will enable up to 40 students to be offered an Educational Bursary of £500 per annum for three years.  The scheme will only be open to students living in the Charity's area of benefit.

 Students will be offered a bursary in order to assist them in successfully completing a course of study leading to a first degree at a British University or other equivalent British institution, eg. College of Music.

HND students are not eligible to apply for a bursary until they have successfully completed their HND course and continue on to a degree course.

Bursaries will only be made for three academic years and no payments will be made during paid placements.

The Bursary scheme for 2017 is now closed.

 The 2017 Bursary scheme has now been completed and applications will re-open in January 2018 for students intending to go to University in 2018.